The Perfect Finish

The Perfect Finish

Package Starts at: $200.00

Effective 2017 Services are charged a 7.25% NC Sales Tax

*May be a trip charge for at-home service calls. We reserve the right to not provide at-home service outside of our service area

The Perfect Finish is the ultimate service package for giving your car the TLC it deserves. With The Perfect Finish, we ensure that your car looks great, is a comfortable ride, and maintains it value for a long time. With this package, you’ll pay just half of what some of our competitors charge, but get three times the service.

We recommend the Perfect Finish to any vehicle that has never been machine polished before or is in need of a touch-up polish. We perform an all-in-one polish (cut, polish, seal) to remove minor scratches, polish to a high shine and protect the paint for months. It is perfect for a newer vehicle looking for perfection or an older vehicle with minor swirls and scratches. After being compounded and polished, your vehicle will be treated with a durable Carnauba Wax to protect it for up to a year.

Package Includes:

Exterior: Wash, Clay bar, Microfiber towel dry, Clean wheels and tire dressing, Clean doorjambs, High speed buff & Light scratch removal*, Polish and swirl removal*, Buff applied High Grade Carnauba wax (1 year wax)*, Polish exhaust*, Restore trim*, Clean Engine Bay*, Clean windows.

Interior: Vacuum, Compressed air blowing of cracks, Crevices and air vents, Deep cleaning of upholstery, cup holders and interior surfaces, Extraction and steam cleaning off all carpet surfaces including seats, Cleaning of room lining and mirrors, Apply sealants and protectants on dash and other surfaces and conditioner on leather seats, Clean windows, Clean Floor mats


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