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We offer a variety of auto ceramic coating packages to protect every part of your vehicle from the wheels, leather, fabric/carpet, and glass. Whether you’re looking for protection for your interior leather seats, the rims on your new wheels, or full ceramic coating protection on your vehicle, we have a package that’s perfect for you. We use the best products on the market and are certified installers of the Magestic Solutions manufacturer’s auto ceramic coating packages. All of our packages include warranties and will prolong the life of your vehicle while helping it maintain value. Below are additional protective options that we can provide to your vehicle. 


Protect the most vulnerable area of your vehicle that is in direct contact with the hazardous elements on the road on a daily basis. We can add one of our auto ceramic coating packages to protect your wheels and extend their lifespan. Request a free quote here


We know how much you love the leather in your vehicle. Why not keep it protected from scratches, oxidation and discoloration with one of our ceramic coating packages. We want your vehicle to maintain its value for the long haul. Request a free quote here


Keep the fabric and carpet in your vehicle in good condition to keep your entire vehicle looking sharp. By adding a ceramic coating to your interior, it will make cleaning an easy task giving your fabric and carpet hydrophobic properties so dirt and grime slide right off. Reduce your maintenance time and costs with a ceramic coating today. Request a quote here


Add weather resistance to your vehicle’s glass by adding one of our ceramic coatings. It will add extreme durability, gloss and hydrophobic properties. Let our team extend the life of your vehicle. Request a free quote here

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Perfect Finish’s staff LOVE the details. Our knowledgeable staff is here to restore your car to the perfect finish and give you a meticulously cleaned car. We strive to achieve the detail that gives the client that feeling stepping into a brand new vehicle. Our company’s mission is to deliver the best value and service that fits into your schedule. With one of our several detailing packages we will have your car looking great and we'll exceed your cleaning needs and expectations. We are also a certified ceramic coatings installer and can coat and detail daily, luxury, motorcycle, boat, RV and courier vehicles. Our elite products and tools are the best in the business and our reviews speak volumes. Give us a call today!