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When it comes to ceramic coatings Raleigh, our team at Perfect Finish installs the best ceramic coatings in town. We take great pride in delivering top quality services to all of our customers and use the best products on the market. We are certified installers of Magestic Solutions Ceramic Coatings, they are the manufacturer for the most durable paint coatings out on the market. The Platinum package includes a lifetime warranty to keep your vehicle’s paint protected from scratches, rock chips, insect acid, tree sap, dirt, and debris. It will add superior gloss, durability to your vehicle’s exterior. This package is perfect for the car enthusiast that wants paint protection for life. It includes 2 layers of Shield Pro Diamond X 10H rated coating. This is the most durable coating out on the market and adds hydrophobic beading, self-cleaning, and rich color to your vehicle’s paint. Next, we add one layer of Repel to keep your vehicle protected in all weather conditions. One layer of Shield Trim is added to all exterior plastics, one layer of Shield Glass to your windows and two layers or Diamond X added to both sides of the rim. Adding a professional-grade nano-ceramic coating to your vehicle will keep it looking its best for years to come. If you’ve been searching for ceramic coatings Raleigh, look no further than our team at Perfect Finish NC. We want to protect your investment with our Platinum ceramic coating packages. Request a free quote to learn more.


  • Lifetime durability, gloss and performance.  Scratch resistant, chip resistant, and chemical resistant.
  • 2 layers of DiamondX/Highest 10H rated coating
  • One layer of Repel/Hydrophobic  layer
  • One Layer of Shield Trim to all exterior plastic/Hrated coating
  • One Layer of Shield Glass
  • Two Layers of DiamondX on both sides of rim 
  • *Bi-monthly maintenance is suggested for the highest durability gloss and performance.



Perfect Finish’s staff LOVE the details. Our knowledgeable staff is here to restore your car to the perfect finish and give you a meticulously cleaned car. We strive to achieve the detail that gives the client that feeling stepping into a brand new vehicle. Our company’s mission is to deliver the best value and service that fits into your schedule. With one of our several detailing packages we will have your car looking great and we'll exceed your cleaning needs and expectations. We are also a certified ceramic coatings installer and can coat and detail daily, luxury, motorcycle, boat, RV and courier vehicles. Our elite products and tools are the best in the business and our reviews speak volumes. Give us a call today!