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Premium Magestic Coatings

Our team at Perfect Finish takes great pride in providing excellent service to all our customers while using the highest-rated products out on the market. We are proud to be your certified Magestic Solutions installer, the best manufacturer of ceramic paint coating on the market. The Silver package includes a 5+ Year Warranty and will add scratch resistance, chip-resistance, and chemical resistance to your vehicle’s paint. It will add durability, gloss, and performance to your paint with hydrophobic properties so washing your car becomes an easy task. The Silver package is an excellent value and includes one layer of EXP9H, which includes a true 9H hardness of a professional-grade nano-ceramic coating. It will preserve the original factory finish of your vehicle and protect it from minor scratches, swirls, damaging contaminants, oxidation, and fading. Next, we add a layer of Repel to give your vehicle hydrophobic properties to stay protected in all weather conditions. One layer of Shield Trim is added to all exterior plastics and finally, one layer of EXP 9H is added to the exterior of your rims. This package will add extreme gloss levels and superior durability to waxes or sealants. Add Magestic coatings packages to protect your investment today. Request a free quote to learn more


  • 5 years+  durability, gloss and Performance
  • Scratch resistant, chip resistant, and chemical resistant
  • One layer of EXP9H/Hrated coating
  • One layer of Repel/Hydrophobic layer
  • One Layer of Shield Trim to all exterior plastic/Hrated coating    
  • One layer of EXP9H on exterior of rim
magestic coatings
magestic coatings


Perfect Finish’s staff LOVE the details. Our knowledgeable staff is here to restore your car to the perfect finish and give you a meticulously cleaned car. We strive to achieve the detail that gives the client that feeling stepping into a brand new vehicle. Our company’s mission is to deliver the best value and service that fits into your schedule. With one of our several detailing packages we will have your car looking great and we'll exceed your cleaning needs and expectations. We are also a certified ceramic coatings installer and can coat and detail daily, luxury, motorcycle, boat, RV and courier vehicles. Our elite products and tools are the best in the business and our reviews speak volumes. Give us a call today!