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Here at Perfect Finish, we can protect and repair your wheels with the best rim repair in Raleigh. We work with the best mobile rim repair company in Raleigh, Rim Guard. Rim Guard offers mobile alloy wheel repair throughout the entire Raleigh area. They specialize in curb damage and bent rims. At Perfect Finish, we have the space for any time of surface wheel repairs that you may need. In an effort to become the one top shop for all of your automotive detailing and surface repair and protection needs, we have decided to partner with the best in the business in order to bring more services to you. We have partnered with Rim Guard because they believe in an ongoing commitment to research and development when it comes to wheel repair. They have spent countless hours perfecting their wheel repair process and their materials come from the world’s leading automotive refinish suppliers. They guarantee their work, so we do too! Contact us for more information today.



Disc brake dust is a big problem for millions of car owners. The beginning stages of brake dust corrosion can actually burn small marks into alloy wheels if not removed on a weekly basis. Overtime a combination of moisture, grime, and brake dust can lead to severe pitting of alloy wheels. Once your wheels get to the point of severe pitting, the only option is to have your damaged alloy wheels professionally refinished. Rimguard prides itself in having the technology and experience in assisting customers with issues of brake dust corrosion on alloy wheels.

Alloy wheel oxidation is caused by a chemical reaction between air and water that causes the alloy wheel to pit. The problem with oxidation starts when the factory clear coat is compromised, usually due to curb damage or outer wheel weights. If left unresolved your wheel will develop noticeable oxidation in a matter of weeks. At the point of compromise, your wheel will develop a gray and white spider look, especially on machined finish alloy wheels.

We can restore your damaged polished wheels to a like new appearance for a fraction of the cost for a new polished wheel. There are several processes for repairing polished wheels the correct way. We start by stripping the factory clear coat off your rim, repairing any curb rash, polishing the rim, cleaning the rim, and applying a protective powder coat clear coat finish for a like new factory finish.


Perfect Finish’s staff LOVE the details. Our knowledgeable staff is here to restore your car to the perfect finish and give you a meticulously cleaned car. We strive to achieve the detail that gives the client that feeling stepping into a brand new vehicle. Our company’s mission is to deliver the best value and service that fits into your schedule. With one of our several detailing packages we will have your car looking great and we'll exceed your cleaning needs and expectations. We are also a certified ceramic coatings installer and can coat and detail daily, luxury, motorcycle, boat, RV and courier vehicles. Our elite products and tools are the best in the business and our reviews speak volumes. Give us a call today!