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Paint Protection by Perfect Finish NC

Ceramic Coating For Cars

Getting your car to the perfect finish is difficult enough. Maintaining your car at a Perfect Finish is another deal altogether. If you are interested in getting your car looking great and staying great then one of our Ceramic Coating option packages is for you. Your car will be protected from unwanted minor scratches, bird droppings, pollen, oxidation, road salt, tree sap and other paint damaging debris that can drive a car owner crazy. Ceramic coatings provide elite year round paint protection and acts as an invisible protective shield to the exterior paint surface.

What is Paint Protection?

Paint protection is a surface of invisible or transparent protective material on top of the external surface of the paint. It can be a wrap, clear bra or a nanoceramic liquid coating. At Perfect Finish NC we offer nanoceramic coatings that are catered to each client dependent on their needs, expectations and budget.

Paint Protection is designed with interior and exterior protection in mind. These products will reduce damage caused from projectiles, day to day scratches, bird droppings, insect acids and contains extremely hydrophobic qualities. This means that water will bounce off of your coat and cleanups will take a fraction of the time than they did before you got your car treated with Majestic Solutions Shield product.

About Majestic Solutions

Majestic Solutions is our ceramic coating manufacturer of choice. Family owned and operated in North Carolina since the early 1990’s Majestic Solutions has been serving our community since its incorporation. Making everything from ceramic coatings to cleaners & degreasers to deodorizers and equipment Majestic Solutions offers products for virtually all components of interior and exterior auto detailing. For additional information about this locally owned and operated company please click here.

*Please Note – At this time we are able to offer ceramic coating packages in clients homes with private garages.  We cater each of our packages to our clients individual wants and desires.  To request a free quote for a ceramic coating package please click here.


Perfect Finish’s staff LOVE the details. Our knowledgeable staff is here to restore your car to the perfect finish and give you a meticulously cleaned car. We strive to achieve the detail that gives the client that feeling stepping into a brand new vehicle. Our company’s mission is to deliver the best value and service that fits into your schedule. With one of our several detailing packages we will have your car looking great and we'll exceed your cleaning needs and expectations. We are also a certified ceramic coatings installer and can coat and detail daily, luxury, motorcycle, boat, RV and courier vehicles. Our elite products and tools are the best in the business and our reviews speak volumes. Give us a call today!